5 Things to Look For in your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Parts Supplier

July 08, 2015

Replacement parts are sold all over the Internet, from eBay to Amazon to Craigslist. And their price tags have gone so competitive that any ordinary phone repair shop will be tempted to order these parts, even from unknown suppliers, just to get a higher profit margin. But if these sellers cannot vouch for the quality of their products and offer no warranty, you better do your research first before your shop’s reputation nosedives.

So prepare a checklist of what to look for in an iPhone, iPad, and iPod parts supplier. What does it take to gain your trust?


iPhone repair parts are not created equal – there’s aftermarket, OEM-equivalent, and a mix of both in between. These parts are assembled in China then sent to the United States, and to the hands of the parts supplier. Inquire about the quality and the source of the parts before making your purchase. Remember that your repair skills are just as good as your parts. Faulty parts can always cause something to go wrong.


When looking for a replacement parts supplier, choose one that caters to phone repair shops instead of one that sells to Do-It-Yourself individuals or basically anybody who can pay. Suppliers who only deal with professional technicians know that they have to raise their standards.


When ordering replacement parts in bulk, there is always a chance that one or two parts will have a factory defect. A good supplier should offer a warranty on their parts. For example, LCDCycle offers a lifetime warranty on their products. You can return items to them within 90 days from date of purchase; after 90 days, you can still return them in exchange of in-store credit.


Phone repair shops have three things going for them: excellent repairs, outstanding customer service, AND fast service. The supplier should always have the parts in stock and ready for delivery. If the parts aren’t ready, the broken device will not be fixed the same day and the customer will be unhappy.


Besides their ability to supply quality parts, look for a supplier who has a remarkable after-service plans. Find out how well they deal with returns and exchanges, and the ease and convenience of communicating with them.

Your quality is your name. So when looking for a supplier, it’s always wise to do your research first and don’t always fall for what’s cheapest.

As a repair shop for iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung, LG and other devices, iCare Repair relies heavily on LCDCycle for our replacement parts. LCDCycle has proven itself to provide top-quality parts and tried-and-tested customer service over the years that we have worked with them.